Friday, May 6, 2011

Georges St. Pierre has Hyphema

Georges St. Pierre tweeted today that his eye condition is, in fact, hyphema, which is essentially blood in the front of the eye.  Here is his tweet:

I am so lucky my BJJ instructor Bruno Fernandes is an ophtamologist!!! I'll be in good hands!!!
My medical condition is called Hyphema. My vision is still blurry and my eye sensitive but the blood in my eye has now been absorbed...
My retina is find as well and my vision will come back to 100%!!! Can't be more happy!!

The blood usually reabsorbs, but a doctor needs to make sure that the process is resolving as it should and needs to monitor the pressure inside the eye.  If pressure increases or more bleeding occurs, hospitalization may be necessary.  A doctor will also give instructions regarding a series of precautions that a patient must take to ensure proper healing.

According to Georges' tweet, the blood in his eye has already reabsorbed, so he seems to be well on the way to recovery.

The best way to prevent hyphema is to wear protective eye wear because the condition is caused by trauma to the eye.  Are safety goggles permitted in UFC?